Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dude, Where's My Weed...

Was riding home from Oak-town one night. I was tired and frustrated by work, in no mood to stand up riding the BART back home.

While walking through the car looking for a seat I saw a girl sit down then immediately get up from a 4-seat cluster. Tired and not thinking, I went straight to where she was sitting. Then I saw why she left.

Sitting there, half open, a plastic sandwich bag filled with marijuana buds. Some pothead had dropped their stash on the train!

I did what the girl did and left.

On instinct I shot a glance in the direction where the girl went, she shot me a knowing smile.

At the same time, some dude (or dudette), probably in Berkeley, was probably saying;

"WTF, where did my weed go."

Probably went home with some BART maintenance worker....

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