Saturday, August 1, 2009

There were these two Marina Girls on the subway one evening....

For those unfamiliar with the term Marina Girls, reference this;


Two Marina Girls sat ahead of me one night on the BART. One was kvetching about her ex-boyfriend.

Marina Girl One: Ughhh! I'm so glad I broke up with him.

Marina Girl Two: Why?

Marina Girl One: Cuz he was never into me or into a relationship, all he wanted to do was f#@k!!

Marina Girl Two: (Opens mouth slightly aghast).

Marina Girl One: I found out after we broke up, he met up with his best friend from high school His best friend brought along his new girlfriend. You know what he did?

Marina Girl Two: What did he do?

Marina Girl One: His buddy drank too much, passed out, so he hit on his best friends girlfriend right in front of him! I swear to God, all he wants to do is f#@k!


If the Marina Girl One's ex-boyfriend made a lot more money, would she be so upset he that he was a man-whore.

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