Sunday, August 30, 2009

Woodstock On Wheels

Friday night I got caught up in Critical Mass.

It was unavoidable. I had to pick up my bike from the Embarcadero bike station. The Critical Mass riders effectively shut down the bus service all along downtown. So I couldn't load my bike on a bus to get home. My legs were blasted to hell from an earlier ride that morning, so I was NOT going to ride up California Street.

So I bit the bullet, and rode through downtown with several hundred bicycle hippies.

Ahead of me was a bare bass bare naked man. How he could ride a narrow bike seat without chaffing his ass crack or breaking his balls is beyond me.

To my side was a South Asian man who wired up a sound system to his mountain bike and blasted Bhangra Hip Hop.

And to my back, that was the best part.

A Frenchman who said;

"Eeet eez like Woodstock all ovair agaeen...."

You said it brother....

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